cop26 is drawing near and we want young peoples voices to be at the forefront, loud and proud!

This November, COP26 comes to Scotland and we are jumping right in, head first. We will be in Glasgow for the two weeks of the conference based at the After the Pandemic COP26 site alongside some brilliant partners. Come see us, chat to us, join us!

Our world is changing. As it stands, it's not enough. That’s not to say it won’t get better but the time to make a difference is NOW!

Our mindsets are changing. We are ready to fight for our future human habitats and take brave steps to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Dive in, take a look at some of the amazing stories, actions and discoveries that we’ve highlighted in this edition.

Get inspired. Be a Change-Maker.

Get involved at the Creative Bravery Festival, a virtual festival running for its second year between 4th-7th October with a focused programme that celebrate acts of bravery that rethink how we educate and help transform our world.


What does it mean to be brave?




what’s happening in our climate
and why does it matter?


How do we create what doesn't
yet exist?


what do we use to make and create
what exists in your head?


How do we share our imaginations to craft
our future human habitats?