What is
the brave times?

This international newspaper is designed by young people for young people. It showcases what is currently happening to our planet and shares inspiring articles to create appetite for change. The Brave Times aims to unpack how we behave and live as humans, and how this effects the planet. With a better understanding of what we have and with inspiring initiatives, we can imagine what the future human habitat could look like and start making a change.

The Brave Times will feature at the
Creative Bravery Festival 2021
and at the After the Pandemic site during COP26. The voice of young people needs to be heard in these times of important global decision making.

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...But why?
There is a global emergency around climate change.
it’s not going away.
We all must do more, this newspaper is a resource to build capacity and awareness to act differently.

The Brave Times is a project by the Creative Bravery Collective  This Collective was established to celebrate acts of bravery to inspire and help transform the way we live and learn.  Every year we host the Creative Bravery Festival to amplify voices and make new connections.  The Brave Times is a sustainable resource for learners and educators to enable stories, chosen by young people, to find there way into classrooms.

Meet the Editors
From various countries across the globe, our editors discover, investigate and curate the inspiring stories you'll find here at The Brave Times.

As a collective, we believe that the younger generations will be the catalysts of change and the voices of impact for the future. With all our editors aged between 14 and 25, they bring a spotlight to the stories that are of true importance to them in the battle for our future, more sustainable human habitat.

Sophie Dewar
Kudzanai Kurotwi
Kudzanai is an award nominee blogger and editor based in Zimbabwe. She has previously worked on sites such as FocusZim, a motivational blog that is focuses on business, fashion, tourism and health. Alongside her social scientist profession, Kudzanai dabbles in consultancy for youth startups and upcoming entrepreneurs. Her personal mantra is , “Be the change you wish to see in the world“.
  Ioan Boyle
Hi I'm Ioan, and I am passionate in all things creative. Alongside my current A level studies in literature, art and photography, I have particular interests towards sustainable fashion, sports and keeping up to date with what's going on in the world.
Pauline Mundanga
Pauline is passionate about writing, public speaking and tourism. She's the brainchild of the Mwanasikana project, a storytelling platform for young girls based in Zimbabwe. She currently works with Kumbekumbe Arts Trust as the thermatical content creator and aspires to be one of the voices behind the change yet to come.
Esme Freeman
I'm Esme, sustainability, climate justice and human compassion have been driving forces in my educational aspirations and life. I hold hope that my generation will make huge improvements to how we live in harmony with this world. Communication , education and empowerment are the ways forward.
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